Vacation Rentals in Southport/Oak Island/Bald Head, NC

Southport, NC Vacation Rentals

If you plan to stay in Southport, NC for your vacation in the area, you will find some vacation rentals available through rental agencies and realtors in the area. In Southport, NC if you choose not to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast, you can rent a condo or a house either furnished or unfurnished. If you are planning to visit Southport, NC during its North Carolina Fourth of July Festival you will want to be sure to reserve your rental well in advance. This is the time of year when Southport, NC sees the most visitors and rentals are at a premium.

If you like to rely on reviews from past guests you might want to check out FlipKey, a leading vacation rental website. FlipKey prioritizes reviews from past guests in its vacation rental property results. This site provides a comprehensive inventory of Southport, NC vacation rental properties, Oak Island, NC vacation rental properties and Bald Head Island, NC vacation rental properties.

You can also find a number of local agencies who employ local experts in the community in the Southport area. Southport Realty Rentals and Property Management on North Howe Street is one of these. Here you can expect full-service, professional rental and property-management services. This team offers furnished and unfurnished long-term rentals throughout Southport and can tell you just which ones are pet friendly. They also specialize in short term rentals. Vacation Rental Agencies on Oak Island, NC can assist you with rentals in Southport, NC as well.

Oak Island, NC Vacation Rentals

If you plan to spend your vacation on Oak Island, NC, you most likely will prefer to stay on the oceanfront - and you are in luck. Most of the beach houses that line the beach are rented out during the season and there are rental agencies as well as real estate agencies that handle rentals and will be happy to help you. Other rental options include condos and rentals in the wooded and Intracoastal sections. Oak Island, NC also participates in Southport’s North Carolina Fourth of July Festival in fact Beach Day is often the first event of the festival. If you are planning to visit during this time, be sure to make your reservations well in advance as all the rentals tend to fill up with festival attendees.

Whether your interest is in deep-sea fishing, golf, kayaking or just kicking back and enjoying the 14 miles of white sand and ocean waves, the staff at Oak Island Accommodations on East Oak Island Drive will make planning your vacation a breeze. This agency has a list of more than 700 oceanfront to waterway cottages and condos which offers you a wide variety from which to choose. Oak Island Accommodations also offers linen and beach equipment rentals and golf discounts.

You will find another excellent rental agency on Long Beach Road. The folks at Coastal Vacation Resorts are service oriented and proud to provide you with professional and personalized service. They can offer you a number of options for a long-term rental in a residential area or an oceanfront or waterway location for your special vacation

At Better Beach Rentals on East Oak Island Drive you can find a property with up to 12 bedrooms for your family reunion. Whether your needs include dock access, elevators, swimming pools, ocean views – whatever you require – this agency can find it for you. You can also receive discount golf packages here.

Bald Head Island, NC Vacation Rentals

Bald Head Island, NC is an extremely popular vacation destination so you will find a plethora of rentals here. Real estate agencies and vacation rental agencies can be found on the island as well as on the mainland. Though there are a few condo type rentals available, for the most part available rentals are single homes.

You will find Bald Head Island Limited Property Management on Marina Wynd. This well-established agency has a variety of rental properties, primarily single-family homes, distributed throughout the seven island environments. These include the maritime forest, the marsh and creek, the Harbour Village, the golf course, West Beach, East Beach and South Beach. Keep in mind that no matter what environment you choose, you are never far from the sea. When you rent through this agency you will receive the use of at least one four-passenger electric golf cart for transportation around the island. You will also have access to the Shoals Club and, for an additional fee, the Bald Head Island Club.

Bald Head Island Rentals, LCC on Keelson row is another rental agency where you can find a large selection of luxury resort homes, cottages, villas and suites including The Marsh Harbour Inn. This agency offers a Five Star Guest Services program which includes accommodation and reservation services, concierge service, and guest departure services.

At Bald Head Island Vacations you will find a number of oceanfront spots perfect for vacationing families or couples. You can also search many secluded getaways located throughout the island's interior.

Another agency you can contact is Mary Munroe Realty Bald Head Vacation and Sales located on Killegray Ridge. Through this agency you can find homes, villas and condos with two to five bedrooms in all areas on Bald Head Island from the creek to the oceanfront, golf course and maritime forest. When you rent through this agency you will receive a guest club membership, one or more golf carts, bikes, grills, beach chairs, linens and towels.

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Southport Vacation Rental Companies

Oak Island Accommodations Southport/Oak Island/Bald Head Vacation Rentals
8901 E. Oak Island Dr.
Oak Island, NC 28465
(800) 243-8132

Life is blissfully different here. It’s a place to slow down and reconnect with the simple joys in life – a leisurely stroll on the beach, playing fetch with Fido or enjoying a day out on the water. Whether you choose to visit the pristine beaches of Oak Island or historic...more about Oak Island Accommodations

Southport Realty Rentals and Property Management Southport/Oak Island/Bald Head Vacation Rentals
727 N. Howe St.
Southport, NC
(910) 457-6401

The local experts at Southport Realty offer full-service, professional rental and property-management services and will be happy to help you find just the right rental. The team offers furnished and unfurnished long-term rentals throughout Southport and Brunswick County, and many are pet-friendly. The company also specializes in short-term rentals in historic...more about Southport Realty Rentals and Property Management

8118 E. Oak Island Drive
Oak Island, NC 28465
(910) 278-5405
(888) 703-5469

The folks at Coastal Vacation Resorts take great pride in providing guests with the utmost in professional and personalized service. It is very important to them that your stay be a comfortable and enjoyable one. Here you will find a wide variety of rental options, whether you are searching for a...more about Coastal Vacation Resorts Oak Island

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