Pets in Southport/Oak Island/Bald Head, NC

This site is filled with information about pet-care services in Southport, Oak Island and Bald Head Island, N.C., including pet boarding, grooming, photography, pet supplies, veterinarians and emergency pet care. Additional pet care services are available in nearby Wilmington. Also check our Sports, Fitness and Parks section for local dog parks. Some beaches allow pets, and others don't, or only at certain times of the year, so check out the local ordinances. If you truly love animals, and have the time,  there are several volunteer organizations just waiting for you!

Featured Local Businesses

Pet Food and Supplies

1635 N. Howe St.
Southport, NC
(910) 457-5663

Zeetlegoo’s is a fun store that has built its reputation on customer service and the specialty pet foods market. They offer more than a half-dozen brands of premium foods as well as healthy treats with no food coloring or artificial preservatives. They also offer a large selection of foods for animals...more about Zeetlegoo's Pet & People Store

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