Getting Here, Getting Around in Southport/Oak Island/Bald Head, NC

Unlike in most towns, walking seems to be the favorite way of getting around in Southport – especially in downtown Southport. If you have flown in you likely rented a car at the airport in Wilmington, however if you want to rent a bike, call a cab, catch a bus or rent a car here, see our complete listings for information about these ways of getting around.

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Wilmington International Airport

Car Rental

Enterprise Rentals Southport/Oak Island/Bald Head Getting Here, Getting Around
1930 Castle Hayne Rd.
Wilmington, NC
(910) 772-1560
1740 Airport Blvd
Wilmington, NC
(910) 762-0143
(888) 826-6893
1740 Airport Blvd
Wilmington International Airpo
Wilmington, NC 28406
(910) 763-1993
(800) 331-1212
1740 Airport Blvd
Wilmington Int Airport
Wilmington, NC
(910) 762-1010
(800) 654-3131
1740 Airport Blvd.
Wilmington Int. Airport
Wilmington, NC
(910) 343-1411
(800) 847-4389
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