If you prefer to bring your pets with you when you and your family travel to Southport, Oak Island or Bald Head Island, NC you will find that More most rental companies offer at least some properties that are pet friendly. Before you book your accommodation, make sure to ask for that company's specific pet policy and whether or not the property you are looking to book is indeed pet friendly. Each company will have clearly spelled out policies, and rest assured these policies are strictly enforced.

Among the concerns with pets, yours and others who may have stayed in the rental property, is the issue of fleas, as they present a major problem during the warms months. Fumigation and pest control will take a chunk out of your deposit, so please be conscious of your pet’s condition. If you decide to roll the dice and ignore pet policies, some agencies will demand your immediate dismissal.

If leaving your pet at home isn’t a possibility and you can't find a property where pets are allowed, local kennels and “doggie daycare” services will look after your cherished companion and the rental agencies may be able to help you with contact information for these services.

Oak Island Accommodations

Accommodations and Locations

Do you prefer the waterway side or the oceanfront? This is an important question to consider when you are planning to stay on Oak Island, NC as rates for properties often increase with a stroll across the street toward the beach. While a beachfront home offers scenic views and an easy commute from your door to the waves, a different location, while just as convenient, might save you a bundle. In Southport, NC, the question might be whether you prefer a condo or a house as there are very few vacation rentals in Southport. On Bald Head Island, NC the question is again different. Bald Head Island has a larger selection of environments than either Southport or Oak Island though Oak Island may have the highest number of rentals available.

During your stay, you can expect to have the basic appliances supplied by the owner of the property. Most rentals offer cable, telephone, heat and air, and come fully furnished. Dishes and cooking utensils are almost universally provided, but checking with your rental agency is always a good idea before setting out on vacation. Certain spots also offer activity centers such as gyms, swimming pools, tennis courts and other forms of recreation. More often than not, guests are required to supply their own sheets, towels, cleaning supplies and beach gear. Your rental agency should have a detailed checklist of items you will need during your stay.

Almost anything too cumbersome to bring along (bicycles, kayaks, etc.) can be rented for a small fee. See our Sports, Fitness and Parks or Watersports sections or ask your rental agency for details on which businesses offer these services.

The Winds Resort Beach Club

A Few Rules

There are a number of common sense rules to follow when renting a beach home from a rental agency whether you will be staying in Southport, Oak Island or Bald Head Island, NC. The majority of these properties are second homes for their owners, and renting them out means trusting their agency to choose responsible renters. Each agency has specific policies, and vacationing parties should make themselves aware of these policies and their consequences.

Many area vacation homes require renters to be at least age 21, however some extend that limit to 25, often excepting married couples under that age. Be sure to check with your particular agency prior to setting your heart on a vacation home. Large groups of young renters can often encounter resistance due to damage concerns. Large house parties are discouraged and many rental agreements prohibit them altogether, especially at the small, quiet beaches in this area. Breaching this part of your contract can result in the forfeiture of your deposit and the instant termination of your rental agreement. The bottom line is: be respectful of other people's property, privacy and peace and quiet.

While cleaning services are offered upon checkout for a fee, the agencies expect you to leave no trace of your visit. Often times, a portion of your deposit goes to these services and should you fail to leave things as you found them, the agency is at liberty to determine these fees. You should treat your “home away from home” as though it was your own.

While most people own cell phones these days, the majority of area properties have a telephone for your use. Responsible use is expected and often agencies will block outgoing long-distance calls to prevent abuse of phone service.


Vacation rental prices fall in a wide range from $700 to $10,000 (or more) a week, depending on your choice of accommodation, location, luxury factor and season. Bald Head Island, NC is at the high end and Oak Island, NC offers a broad array of less-pricey accommodations, but also has its share of high-end properties. Southport, NC vacation rentals range about the same but do not usually go as high as $10,000.

Most agencies require a deposit, and there are various stipulations in the agreement that you need to be familiar with. For example, a state/county tax of 7.75 percent and, depending on the location, a room tax ranging from 1 to 6 percent are added to the cost. A deposit of 50 percent is generally required to confirm reservations. Major credit cards are usually, but not always, accepted. Check with the individual rental agency for required methods of payment. Some accept personal checks provided they arrive 30 to 60 days in advance of your arrival. Rental rates are subject to change without notice. Winter rates may be significantly less.

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